Here’s a cool terrarium to give you some ideas

What a cool terrarium idea. I ran across it in the home and garden section of the LA Times.

. . . IS it nature? Or is it art? Painters and poets have long known that the furl of a fern or an orchid’s architecture can qualify as both. Now a growing wave of indoor gardeners is capturing nature in miniature and under glass. Yes, terrariums are back. But they can be a far cry from the clumsy gardens grown in jelly jars, vodka bottles and fish tanks in the ’70s. Back then they were a fad, like lava lamps and macrame — and results could get pretty ugly. Today’s devotees of the trend see new possibilities in creative horticulture and home decor.

High priestess of the movement is artist Paula Hayes, a New York sculptor, painter and landscape designer who has plumbed the concept of plants as portable artworks that require human interaction to survive. Hayes designs delicate, handblown glass terrariums in organic shapes that call to mind bubbles, teardrops, body parts, peanuts, pears — all with ineffably elegant tiny gardens inside. . . .

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