What you should know about choosing a potting soil

The potting soil makes a huge difference in how indoor house plants grow. If you are having trouble with your houseplants it may not be you but your potting soil that is to blame.

1 ) Use potting soil, not compost. Compost works great outside as an additive to the soil but not in a pot as the medium for the plant.

2 ) Hyponex All Purpose Potting Soil and Green Charm both did terrible in tests by The Colorado Extension Office, Black Gold All Organic Potting Soil did not do terribly well either. Spend the extra money for a quality soil you are not buying a great deal of it.

3) I’m told ‘Sunshine Mix’ is an excellent choice. It holds water a long time so you don’t have to water as often.

4) I’m also told that Miracle Grow soil often has hardwood bark mixed in with the soil. The hardwoods develop a white fungus-mold on them as they age which will become hard not letting the soil absorb water and steal nutrients from your plants.