Toxic house plants

An awful lot of people come here and look for information on poison plants. I can’t tell if they are looking to do in a significant other or if they have become paranoid about the plants talking and are concerned the plants will try to do them in? ( Have you been taking good care of your houseplants? )

I’ve only had one problem with pets and houseplants. I had a lab who ate every house plant I brought home. Then he ate a 1 foot tall very spiny cactus. It was the last houseplant he ate. He was fine in a day or two. ( Only a lab wouldn’t stop after the first bite of spines and cactus. )

The reason I haven’t covered toxic plants in detail is because there is a great deal of conflicting information on the net about which plants are toxic. So I hesitate to give out information that may be inaccurate. When in doubt the Extension Office or .edu website is far more likely to have correct information than a .com/.org/.net website.

And, of course, don’t eat your houseplants.

More info:
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