South Texas trip

We went down to South Padre Island for a few days visit. There are several wildlife sanctuaries in the area we wanted to visit. Because south east Houston is so much greener and tropical than my end of Houston I was expecting it to be more tropical down there. Instead it was quite a bit drier.

It may just be the time of year, or they may have had a few dry years but even so it is much drier there than here. Along the Rio it is more lush and tropical. Even a short distance of a couple hundred feet away it is more like desert than tropics. The gardens in the homes we saw were pretty barren. There were oleanders, prickly pears, fan palms, and possibly bouganville in people’s gardens.

The Spanish moss in the park along the Rio is fantastic. There is so much it gives a fairy tale feel to the place. I wouldn’t have been at all surprised to see a wizard or two hanging out.

I haven’t seen any Spanish moss in The Woodlands here, I don’t think it is quite humid enough for it. I have a small cluster on a tree outside I’m trying as an experiment. It’s been there about 4 months and still alive but not thriving either.

The fan palms along the Rio were also amazing. The stems and leaves are so much larger than the ones growing up here. I’m not sure if they are a slightly different variety or not? Interestingly when the fan palms get taller they don’t remove the dead leaves like we do up here. Once I’d several I decided I think I like them better that way.

No id on this cactus yet, I’m working on it. Lots of prickly pears down there too.

The wildlife sanctuaries were great, more on those on my personal blog if you are interested.

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  1. I have not been to Padre in years. Don’t usually venture down there in the winter though – just the summer. I love your post about gardening instead of working out…probably something most people would stick to for a longer amount of time!

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