Crassula Gollium

This is a different plant! I purchased this in the novelty section of Walmart around Halloween.

When this plant has enough sun the tips of the leaves will turn red.

This slow growing succulent makes an excellent bonsai or dish garden plant. It wants as much sun and light as you can give it. It wants to be watered as much as your Jade or Aloe, water only when the top 1″ of soil is dry.

As with most succulents grown indoors light is of the utmost importance. You want those tips to be red. They are green here because it has been cloudy most of the past month.

It is very easy to care for, plant it and forget it. If a leaf falls off it it will often root. Just loosely stick the open end in the dirt a little bit.

As it gets larger it will become more jade like with thick grey-brown stems and the leaves on the ends of the stems.

I’ve had it outside while temperatures have dipped into the low 40s and even through a light frost so you needed worry about keeping this guy warm.