The second biggest killer of houseplants is a lack of humidity

Most of your favorite house plants came from the floors of the jungle. That is why they do so well with so little light. Plus we love those exotic jungle plants. They make the room feel warmer and more alive.

The average relative humidity in the jungle is between 80% and 90%. Relative humidity in deserts varies from an extreme low of 10% to a more common 30% relative. The average home should be 35% but often is 15% in the winter. So even when your home doesn’t feel dry it is closer to the most extreme desert than the jungle and your plants suffer.

Your plants usually express this displeasure by dropping their leaves in bulk.

If you have a bathroom where lots of showers get take you can place your plants in there. Near the kitchen sink is another good place for plants that need more humidity. Placing shallow dishes full of rocks under plants and filling them with water helps too. Put a humidifier in your home in the winter. You and your plants will like the humidity. ( And you’ll stop zapping Fluffy every time you pet her. )