Plants have intelligence?

I’ve been reading a great deal of the new scientific discoveries we are making about plants. We’ve come a very long way in what we know about plants. Some of the discoveries will remind you of the 1960s studies about plant life, namely the Kirlian Photography.

Plants prefer to be grown in the same conditions as mom. Seeds are typically dropped near the mother plant and so grow and adapt to the same conditions. So even if your plant is a sun lover, if mom grew in a partly shady area, baby will prefer that also.

As a general rule of thumb Plants that are larger live longer.

Plants communicate with each other using chemical signals. They warn of insect attacks allowing nearby plants to strengthen their defenses. They do this using voc ( volatile organic compounds ) which are released into the air by one plant and recognized by another. They also swap viruses this way as well.

Plants also poison their neighbors. ( And you thought the garden was a nice quiet, well behaved place. )

And smart flower bulbs bury themselves deeper. If you don’t plant your bulbs deep enough they will dig themselves down.

These studies have gained enough ground that an Italian research group has opened a plant intelligence study lab. They hope to make robots and other artificial life based on plants the way some groups have done by mimicking insects.

Nervous system-like signaling in plant defense