There are over 1,000 species of peperomia, all are lovely, all have a form that is part ground cover, part small shrub. The leaves vary greatly from variety to variety.

Some peperomia are found in Africa, but more are found in South America where they grow on rotting logs. Some have tiny flowers, some attractive flowers, most are grown for the foliage.

They do well in dish and bottle gardens and terrariums. They thrive with higher humidities but will do just fine in your average home.

They prefer good light but not direct sun, perhaps an east window is best. A humus and peat filled soil is preferred. Temperatures need to be above 50′.

Peperomia are prone to rotting so be cautious watering them. Water from below as you would an African Violet. Or sit them in a dish of water for an hour or so, then dump the water from the dish. Allow to go almost dry between waterings.

Peperomia are easily propagated from leaf or stem cuttings.

Watch for spidermites, mealy bug and white fly, but I’ve never had insect problems with these plants.