Shrimp plant ( Pachystachys lutea lemon sorbet x shrimp )

Shrimp plants bloom through out the warm weather. Normally pink, red and white in color I found this yellow one at the Extension Office plant sale in the fall.

Light shade is best for this plant’s blooms, too much shade and the plant will get scraggly. It is one of the few flowering plants that will bring color to a shady area, and it will get its best color in part shade. 

Shrimp plants may die back to the ground if we have long cold temperatures but should return in the spring. The yellow variety is more cold sensitive than the traditional red variety. This winter we had several hard freezes and the yellow shrimp plant was fine.

Shrimp plants are also drought tolerant once established, but they would rather receive regular watering. Fertile well drained soil is best. Trim ends to encourage bushy growth.

Shrimp plant can reach 3′ tall when happy. The yellow varieties are smaller than the traditional shrimp plant.

Extremely easy to grow. Not a favorite of deer, but is a favorite of hummingbirds.

Mine bloomed profusely all winter and is still doing so. I find it is rather scraggly looking with all the leaves and flowers on the top and bare stems at the bottom. Once the weather warms I’ll cut it back some and hope that it fills out.

Surviving and blooming occasionally during the drought and 3 months of 100’F plus days summer 2011