Spider lily ( Amaryllidaceae Hymenocallis )

These bloom profusely early spring and can be seen in clusters in any damp, boggy area. By summer they have vanished. It prefers shaded areas but can be seen in full sun bogs growing wild. They are grown from bulbs and excellent additions to your bog or swale garden. Flowers are on 2′ tall stems. Blooms are fragrant.

The Burj Dubai building is supposedly inspired and designed after this flower.

The name Amaryllidaceae comes from the Greek word ‘amarysso’ which means to twinkle as many of these flowers do have a slight sparkle. Try not to move these plants, even though bulbs are resilient it takes time for the root system to regrow.

Though they prefer moist soil, they will usually do ok in drier areas.

It will die back to the ground during a drought and re-appear in damper weather.

This plant is a Texas native.

Bloomed during one of the very few early rains summer 2011, expect it’ll be back when the weather breaks.