Polka dot plant ( Hypoestes phyostachya )

This is a great dish garden plant. Normally the more light you give a plant like this the more color you get. This one is opposite, you’ll get more pink with less light. I’ve grown it successfully under bright table lamps so it is great for the office. If you give it too much light, the leaves will curl and brown on the edges.

Keep the soil moist. It loves humidity. You’re only problem growing this plant might be dry air.

They get leggy with time, pinch them back to encourage bushier growth. It can reach a foot to a foot and a half tall. Flowers are lavender but drab.

Keep it above 50′ which means away from windows and doors if you live in a colder climate. It likes temperatures in the mid 60s best.

There is also a variety with white rather than pink markings.