The environmentally friendly way to clear the fall leaves from your yard

Fall’s here and the leaves are falling. What to do with all the leaves?

20% of the waste dumped into Texas dumps is yard waste: grass clippings, leaves, pruning left overs. Half of that is leaves.

Leaves contain at least 50% of nutrients needed by plant life.

If your landscape style tends to natural, just leave the leaves where they fall. In time they will decompose into a rich soil. Leaves can be worked into the soil or left on top.

Leaves can be run over with your lawn mower, shredded and left on the lawn or tossed into garden beds. Leaves make a great mulch for your gardens, especially if they have been shredded first.

Compost your leaves

– place a layer of tree branches or other course material on the ground

– add 6″ to 8″ of leaves, grass clippings, etc

– add 1″ of soil or manure

– keep layering until you are out of leaves

– stir the pile monthly over the winter, and spread it in your gardens early summer

{ There is a free compost class held every first Saturday of the month Oct->March 11am-12am at 8203 Millennium Forest Drive ( off Research between Cochran’s Crossing and Shadow Bend ) }

If that all seems not to be your thing, you can at least bag your leaves in leaf bags and place them at the curb for pickup in The Woodlands.