Musical Notes aka Witches Tongue ( Clerodendrum incisum )

We attended the ‘Garden Faire’ at Mercer last month and this is one of the plants we picked up. When it comes into bloom I’ll replace this picture with one of it in bloom.

The flowers are white and shaped like upside down musical notes, hence the name. This shrub will reach about 4′ tall and 3′ wide and once settled in will bloom off and on all year. Blooms are in clusters and have bright red stamens. The flowers are impressive.

While it can handle full sun, afternoon shade is recommended for this plant.
Musical Notes will bloom in sun or shade and is drought tolerant once established. The preference is for rich, moist soil.

It is easy to grow and a fast growing plant.

This plant can not handle temperatures below 40’F. It must be brought indoors or treated as an annual.

Native to Nigeria.