What happened to the royal wedding bouquet?

…Every wedding album has its terribly congested group shot where all the relatives muscle in and a conspicuous few are not looking at the camera. Princess Elizabeth’s family wedding picture is no exception. But it is strange in another way, too. The bride’s empty hands are clasped lightly in front of her. The magnificent orchid bouquet she carried into Westminster Abbey, and carried out again, is not there. Florist Lottie Longman whose grandfather made the Queen’s bouquet Lottie Longman recreated the bouquet in silk Royal biographers usually treat the mystery of the missing bouquet as a pre-wedding hiccough, along with the tiara that snapped and the pearls that were left at the wrong palace.They blame its disappearance on an over-zealous footman who put it in a cold cupboard, forgot what he had done with it, then remembered just in time for the ceremony. But, as David Longman knows, it was much worse than that – it was mislaid just before the photographs and never seen again. . . . [ read more  The mystery of the Queen’s missing bouque]

Other royal bouquet trivia:
-On her wedding day, Elizabeth laid her bouquet at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier on her way into Westminster Abbey, a gesture that every royal bride since has copied, though on the way back from the altar rather than to it.