Tigertoothed Aloe ( Minibelle )

The strip of dirt along the driveway gets full sun all afternoon and isn’t too wet. And every single other plant I have put there has committed suicide.

I moved the aloe from out back and added in some south-west plants, one of which is the Tiger Toothed Aloe.

Aloe is one of those plants that has more varieties than you can keep track of. Tiger tooth Minibelle is not a dwarf variety but not a full sized aloe either. It will reach a spread of about 8″ across making a good choice for tight areas or for keeping as a house plant. It should reach a height of about 18″ tall.

Like all aloes it wants lots of sun and well drained soil and isn’t particular about the soil quality.

This variety is supposed to be fast growing with pink/mauve flowers in the summer.

I’m really pushing the zones a bit with this plant it prefers zones 9 & 10 and here in The Woodlands we’re about 8b/9a. The outer leaves died back after a hard freeze, the inner protected leaves were fine. Aloe can handle a brief time of cold weather, or wet weather, but it can’t be cold and wet at the same time. It will rot.

This plant grows and expands by pup rapidly. Give it lots of room, it’ll run over anything in its way.

Aloes do very well in Houston, when we don’t have cold wet winters. It’s probably best grown inside or in a pot you can bring in if the weather is too cold and wet.