See how easily you can oxygenate your plants

While looking for interesting news stories about plants this week I ran across an article claiming plants need more oxygen.

…Duane Hastad can vouch for the value of oxygenized water. He is owner of three nurseries, including Heather Nursery in Montevideo, Minn. He utilized the oxygenation watering system in his greenhouse and almost immediately got results. “We started tomato plants from seeds and they germinated in six days, twice as fast as seedlings watered with city water, and they also came up straighter and had better root systems,” Hastad comments.

Seeing it was on a dental website and selling a watering can for creating super oxygenated water made me a bit suspicious. Further investigation revealed super oxygenated water had stories on almost every debunking site online. I was about to can the story when I ran across a Wired Magazine article on the subject.

. . .Developed by Oculus Innovative Sciences in Petaluma, the super-oxygenated water is claimed to be as effective a disinfectant as chlorine bleach, but is harmless to people, animals and plants. If accidentally ingested by a child, the likely impact is a bad case of clean teeth.

Oculus said the solution, called Microcyn, may prove effective in the fight against superbugs, crossover viruses like bird flu and Ebola, and bioterrorism threats such as anthrax.

The company has just been granted approval in the United States to test the solution in the treatment of wounds, and already has government approval in Europe, Canada and Mexico for diverse uses, from disinfectant to wound irrigation. . . .Super water kills bugs dead

So who knows? It may be the best thing that has happened to your houseplants or a total waste of money. Try it at your own expense.