Globe amaranth ( Gomphrena globosa )

This Globe amaranth was also purchased as an addition to the bee pocket garden. This is an annual according to the tag. I rarely purchase annuals. I was so busy watching the bees collect nectar I wasn’t paying close attention to the tags on the plants.

Gomphrena grows to about 2′ tall with a 1′ spread. Pinch leaves to encourage the plant to fill out properly otherwise it will get scraggly.

Gomphrena prefers full sun and regular watering. It doesn’t mind poor soils and reports claim it does better in poor soils. It also does not mind heat or high humidity. Which makes it a perfect plant for Houston.

The flowers dry very well for dried flower arrangements.

It can not tolerate frost and must be protected on cold evenings.

More information:
Floridata: Gomphrena globosa