Here’s a quick way to build a theme garden

This month’s Lone Star Gardener put out by the Texas Garden Clubs had a couple of interesting over lapping articles. One was on ‘pocket gardens’. I found little to no information on line about pocket gardens so I guess we’ll have to start.

A pocket garden is a small growing area that usually has a theme or a purpose. There are butterfly pocket gardens, guerrilla pocket gardens, mail box pocket gardens &c. A butterfly pocket garden might have a tall feeding plant for butterflies and smaller host plants around it all wedged into some small corner of your yard. A mail box pocket garden might be a few flowers and a flowering shrub to brighten up your mail box area. What a great idea for all our tiny lots we now live on.

I’ve already been doing that a bit; I’ve a rose pocket garden, a fern pocket garden, a wetland pocket garden, an herb pocket garden and a vegetable pocket garden. I just didn’t call them pocket gardens.

Guerrilla pocket gardens are gardens set up on public property to brighten an spot. Some are planted in the dark of night by flashlight to surprise the natives in the morning, some are done during daylight to enlist the community to help care for the garden. Signs are usually left saying something like ‘This garden brought to you by YourTown Guerrilla Garden Club — please water me”. I noticed Houston does not yet have a group. Right now it seems more popular in Europe and the North East. Maybe this post will catch a few eyes and that will change?

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2 thoughts on “Here’s a quick way to build a theme garden

  1. It does sounds like fun. We may have to get something started.

    Or because Houston is so large we may just have to all start several ‘lone guerilla gardener’ projects. ;-)

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