Liriope muscari

Lirope muscari

Liriope aka Lilyturf has long been a favorite of southern gardeners. It is used to line beds, as a base plant for trees, and as a ground cover.

The leaves grow to about 18″ on this variety. Flowers are tiny light violet blooms on long spikes. Often the flowers are hidden by the leaves. After the flowers berries appear in the fall. Leaves should bend down when they reach full length so that the flowers are visible. I find in full sun the leaves remain more upright and it is harder to see the flowers on plants in full sun.

Liriope will grow in sun, shade or anything in between. It is native to forest floors in Asia. It doesn’t mind wet or dry conditions it will grow pretty much any where under any conditions. Despite its ease of growing it won’t take over your beds quickly and is not invasive.

It is tolerant of Houston’s hot summers and hard winter freezes.

Roots are shallow like hostas so they are easy to dig up and move and divide.

Your pets will love this plant, it makes a great bed for cats and dogs who love to lie in it. They won’t hurt it any.

Many people cut the leaves back to 3″-4″ tall in late spring. It makes it easier to see the blooms when they arrive. No matter either cut them or not as it pleases you.

While the clumps get larger they do not spread by roots so plant them fairly thick if you are using them as a border plant.

Survives drought, hard freezes, afternoon sun and full shade

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