Golden Hawaiian Bamboo ( Bumbusa vulgaris "Vittata" )

Yellow Bamboo
Yellow Bamboo
Yellow Bamboo

This is my favorite of the bamboos we have. I had purchased this as a house plant for the front hallway but there wasn’t enough light there to make it happy. It’s a cool bamboo, clumping and yellow culms with green vertical stripes.

It is supposed to be very easy to grow with 4″ culms that reach 50′ in height.

Bamboo needs lots of water and wants lots of sun. I expect this guy will be impressive even in part shade and drier ground. It might help keep him tamed as well. This is a clumping bamboo not a running bamboo so it should not attack the neighbors.

It took a while, but this plant had put out some 20’x2″ culms and was doing great. Then we had several freezes and it died back to the ground breaking my heart. Just this week I saw some leaves poking up so it will come back after a hard freeze. At least an occasional one. After one too many cold winters it’s gone.

It is slow growing in the shade and the culms lean, in the sun it grows tall and thick rapidly. So far all these clumping bamboos I’ve put in have remained contained in tight clumps.

Watch for mealy bugs ( I just clean them off with a garden hose) and mites. Mites will have webbing and leaves will yellow. Use orange oil for them. Aphids and scale also attack bamboo and can be controlled with orange oil.

The bamboo loves the sun, the bamboo in the shade struggles. The shoots appear in July, it will leaf out in Sept.

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2 thoughts on “Golden Hawaiian Bamboo ( Bumbusa vulgaris "Vittata" )

  1. Oh – you are brave. Bamboo scares me…you know of those plants that you plant and you wrestle with the rest of your life!!

  2. I figure if it doesn’t work out I can just move.( just kidding )We shall see how things go. It’d be really cool to have it around it’s such a cool plant. If it looks like it is escaping I’ll yank it.

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