Aztec Grass ( Ophiopogon intermedius ‘Aztec’ )

Aztec Grass

Aztec Grass is grown as a ground cover. It has white bell shaped flowers. Blooming starts in July and continues through the summer. But plant a lot, it is an extremely slow grower.

Tolerant of Houston summers and freezes in the winter.

Drought tolerant.

If you are looking for a grass-like ground cover Aztec Grass is a good choice. Leaves are thin growing to about 18″ and variegated. It likes the shade and slightly dry soil. You can grow it in part sun and full sun. The more sun it receives the more water it requires.

Aztec grass will not grow as quickly as liriope so it is easier to keep where you want it to be.

Often this plant is confused with liriope, but it is not. Both are commonly referred to as ‘Mondo Grass’.

Survived the 3 months of extreme heat and drought summer 2011. Doesn’t spread ( at least in my dry shade garden)

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  1. Hi there,I’m a mystery author who is setting a book in Houston — in the River Oaks area — in early July and would love to know about some of the blooming plants that a person would find in a large yard at that time. Since I don’t live in the city, I’ve been doing web searches and found your wonderful blog. Would you be willing to contact me at my email address and give a little help?

  2. I sent you an email and passed your request along to my Herb Garden Club. Many of them have been gardening here longer and several are mystery fans.

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