Mother of Millions ( Kalanchoe )

Kalanchoe is more popular in Europe than in the US. Probably because they are often used in dish gardens which are more popular in Europe than here. Kalanchoe is a succulent from Madagascar where it grows in an almost desert climate.

Mother of Millions is very easy to care for; it is drought resistant but should not be allowed to dry out all the way. Water it as often as you would a cactus. Which means water when the top 1″ of soil is dry to the touch. If kept too wet they will rot.

Pinch the ends of the plant to shape it the way you prefer and to keep it from getting leggy. Pinching encourages the plant to get more bushy which means more branches giving you flowers. Stems will get woody as the plant gets older.

Mother of Millions will want a fair bit of light, like most desert plants and most flowering plants. A southern window is best, west facing windows not too bad. You might want to put it near a strong table lamp if you are going to keep it near an east or north facing window.

To force flowering give Kalanches a 10 hour day of daylight.Some will put out blooms in as few as two days given 10 hour days. Or stick them in a very dark place 14 hours a day to initiate blooms. They are extremely light sensitive so make sure no light can leak through. Normally they will bloom on their own between October and March.

Watch for powdery mildew and mealy bugs on this plant. Treat powdery mildew with a fungicide, treat mealy bugs by washing them off the plant.