Asparagus aka Emerald fern ( Asparagus plumosus|setaceus )

It is kind of amazing how many ‘asparagus ferns’ there are out there. This one is also known as Emerald Fern. Be sure to check the Latin name when you buy plants online or you might not be getting what you think you are getting.

This fern is also not really a fern. There are many pretenders to the fern family out there. This one has small white flowers when it is happy in the mid summer. It also has bromeliad type leaves in the form of scales along the stems. You’ll have to use a magnifier to see them.

Emerald ferns prefer to have constantly moist soil but not to sit in water. I generally keep mine slightly dry and they have been doing quite well.

They prefer a bright window but will do just find in an east or west exposure.

You’ll have to keep trimming the top back other wise they flop over. This will help to fill them out as well. Be careful trimming these plants as there are some nasty thorns hidden beneath those delicate looking branches.

I’ve trained these ferns to climb up thin trees and posts ( when in pots indoors) , they will happily spiral up posts up to a few inches thick.

Neither heat nor cold bothers these plants much, I’ve had them in 110’F heat and as low as mid 30’F. They will die back if it gets cold enough to freeze so bring them in on really cold nights. Mine came back from the roots after a hard frost.