Pony tail palm aka Elephant foot aka bottle palm ( Beaucarnea recurvata )

Pony tail palms are not really palms but are members of the Lilaceae family. It is a native of the desert in Mexico.

Desert plants make great houseplants if you can give them enough light. Your home is usually drier than the desert.

Pony tail palms store water in the base so the biggest risk is over watering. Water it like a cactus. Let the top inch of soil go dry before you water this plant. If you are not sure whether to water – wait a week.

If the leaves turn brown or the stem shrivels you are under watering this plant. If new leaves are light in color or stem or root rot appear you have given it too much water.

It can grow up to 8′ tall indoors.

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Beaucarnea recurvata