Silver dollar gumaka Argyle Apple ( Eucalyptus cinerea )


I picked this eucalyptus up at the Mercer March Mart. The eucalyputus has grown a couple of inches in the past few months. It should grow to between 15′ to 60′ tall with a 10′-15′ spread. It should also grow very rapidly. I’ll post pictures again next year so you can see the difference.

Eucalyptus is evergreen; flowers appear in July and August but are tiny and not noticeable.

Leaves are round now but will get longer as the plant gets older, most eucalyptus begin with round leaves. Older leaves will turn red and drop off.

Any soil will do, sand, peat, clay eucalyptus loves them all.

Eucalyptus prefers lots of rain but is drought tolerant once established. But it really does not like to dry out.

Ecucalyptus must have lots of sun. It will not tolerate shade.

If frost damaged it should grow back from the roots. Young trees need wind protection.

Eucalyptus is considered a fire hazard in some places like California where it grows in dense clusters. The clusters shut out other plant life. The eucalyptus sheds leaves and bark and all are covered with oil. At home in your garden you’ll be cleaning out all the leaves so it should not be a problem for you.

Eucalyptus grows native all over Australia except in its driest deserts.

This one died about a month after Ike came through I’m not sure why.