Stink bugs aka Shield bug ( Pentatomidae Halyomorpha halys)

Stink bug

Normally Kazoo eats a healthy diet of bugs. He thinks they are treats. This bug was crawling across the floor and Kazoo was stalking him but not attempting to catch him. I wondered why. It looks like he has perhaps already had experience with them.

Known as ‘stink bugs’ they have glands in the thorax between the first two sets of legs that produce a foul sweet smelling liquid when they are attacked.

They get to be close to an inch in size. They feed on host plants piercing seed pods and sucking juice from the plants. They also spread yeast spot disease. If you see one in your vegetable bed be sure to take immediate action. They will do quite a bit of harm to your vegetables.

Some will also attack caterpillars and other such insects by piercing them and sucking out fluids as well.

They are amazingly slow moving as bugs go.

But don’t let all of that fool you. These guys are responsible for most of the insect troubles you’ll have in your garden.  If you see one, investigate and act quickly. Fruit and vegetable crops are their main targets.  Damage is done by sucking the juices out of the plants and fruits. Pitting will occur on fruits and vegetables attacked by these guys.

These guys are about a half inch long according to the book I’m reading, I’ve yet to see one less than an inch long.

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