Coral Vine ( Antigonon leptopus )

Coral Vine
Coral vine bush in Hawaii

About a month after we moved in here I gave the yard guy a list of plants to pick up at the local nursery for me. On the list was ‘Bleeding Heart’, this is what he brought me back. While it isn’t the traditional Bleeding Heart we have in New England that I was expecting it’s a pretty cool plant.

It is a fast ever green vine native to Mexico. It can reach 40′. I’ve been sharply pruning him.

It blooms from early June through late fall down here. This one bloomed year round for me.

It prefers sun to light shade, I have two of them in heavy shade. It prefers moist soil but tolerates dry soil.

Tolerates Houston summer heat, but not freezing temperatures, this one died back to the ground the winter of 2009-2010 and re-appeared mid May.

I saw some of these in Hawaii and they grew into bush forms rather than vines. I may try to convince mine to grow that way.

I find it is one of the first plants to show distress when I need to fertilize, so fertilize this plant often.

This is a show stopper, this is one of the plants that sends strangers to my door wanting to know what it is so they might obtain one. It is also one of the few winter bloomers I have blooming most prolifically through warm winters.

Surviving the 3 month drought and 100’F days but little growth.

More information:
Floridata: Antigonon leptopus