Primrose ( Primula vulgaris )

This is not a plant I’ve grown indoors myself but I ran across an interesting news story and it caught my interest.

Primrose has been grown by English indoor gardeners since 1908 when a missionary found it growing wild in a rice paddy and brought the plant back with him.

Today primrose flowers can be found in thousands of colors and combinations of colors. It is an easy to grow plant indoors. Give it a bright, drafty window and water when the top of the soil is dry about a half inch down. Do not get water on the leaves, water from the bottom, water can spot the leaves if it is too cold.

Dead head primrose to keep it blooming frequently. To dead head a plant remove the flowers and stalks with no more blooms coming as soon as they begin to fade.

If your primrose is not blooming, give it more light.

Watch for mealy bugs.