Drimiopsis kirkii Giant Squill aka Lily of Valley

Giant Squill

This is another new acquisition from the Mercer summer sale.

Drimiopsis kirkii prefers filtered light and will stay about 6″-8″ tall. Watering needs are average.

Squills puts out long stems of small white flowers, similar to lily of the valley.

This plant is native to Africa. It is still so unusual here I’m having a difficult time finding information on it. I found some references to it as a house plant but little for outside growing. It seems to be popular with growers of succulents.

The squill plant has not done well with all the rain. If you plant this plant, find a dry location or perhaps pot it up some where you can shelter it when we get a rainy year like this one.

Dies back to ground in winter, should come back in spring most years, usually by mid May.

It did return after the rain, only to die in the drought that followed. I think this plant is too finicky for Houston gardens but will probably do well as a house plant.