Can you turn that really cool outdoor plant into a house plant?

Probably you can.

If you have some cool plants outside you’d like to grown indoors give it a try.

Plants that do best indoors are those that grow in shade or part shade outside. It is difficult to get a full sun outdoor plant all the light it needs indoors. Sometimes it will work anyhow.

So dig up a section or the whole plant if it is small and pot it up in regular potting soil or what ever it is growing in outside. Leave the plant outside for a few weeks, preferably in the same spot or conditions you found it. Let it adjust to the pot before you adjust it to being indoors.

When you bring the plant in, it will often shed a lot of leaves. The more sun the plant needs the more leaves it’ll likely shed. Some plants will adjust just fine after shedding by putting out less or smaller leaves.

If it is a tree or shrub or other large plant you’ll want to bonsai it for indoor growing. This is done just by letting it get pot bound after removing 1/3 of the roots. You may have to still repot it yearly just to give it fresh soil and trim the roots back a bit. These plants do best both pot bound and in shallow pots. They like to receive a good heavy watering but not be sitting in water and shallow pots work well for this.

Plants that like high humidity outdoors will want to be in terrariums or in bathrooms or kitchens where the water to air content is usually high.

But unless a plant is a protected species, dig it up and give it a try. Going through many old house plant books from the 1970s and also from Victorian times I saw many plants we only grow outside now that were popular house plants. Perhaps you’ll start the next cool house plant trend with your re-located plant.