Send your house plants on vacation

Now that the weather has warmed up all over the country it’s time to put houseplants outside for a break. Besides you’ll be busy all summer and they will be easy to take care of this way.

First off put them in a shady location, not sunny. The house plants you have inside even in the sunniest windows will only tolerate shady conditions outside. Also you will be bringing them back in again come fall. If you adapt them in the sun all summer they will not do well when you bring them back inside.

Try to put them some where they will get rain water when it rains. The rain water is more acidic than your tap water and the plants love that. The rain water will also wash away much of the salts from tap water and fertilizers that have built up over the winter. Don’t forget to sprinkle them with the hose if it does not rain. They’ll need more water outdoors in the heat than they do inside.

Your orchids and other flowering plants are much more likely to reflower for you if you put them outside where the temperature changes 15′-20′ between day and night. Be careful with the phalaenopsis orchids. They can only tolerate temperatures between about 50-80 and shade. They are the only house plant I do not put outdoors.