Rosemary ( Rosmarinus officinalis )


This started life as one of those Christmas tree shaped rosemaries you see in the stores in December. After Christmas I planted it out in the herb bed and it is settling in just fine.

Rosemary will grow 3′-5′ tall down here. It can be trained upright or coaxed into trailing. And like most herbs wants lots of sun.

Rosemary needs a lot of water when it is settling in, then not much once established, but will be happier with occasional waterings. It grows well in desert climates and is one of the recommended landscape plants for desert climates.

Fertilizer is not needed or wanted for rosemary. Once a year I put out worm castings in the garden.

Rosemary does not like being moved, pick its location carefully.

I use a lot of fresh herbs in cooking. I find herb gardens are very difficult to establish, but once established need little care.

It took me three tries to get a rosemary plant established in my herb garden. The larger the plants were when I started the better they did. So if you want to add rosemary to your garden, start with a good sized, gallon or larger, plant.

In downtown Huntsville rosemary is found growing along the sidewalks. It handles the traffic of the busy roads, the baking sun, the dry ground and grows about 3′ tall there.

Ancient Greeks considered it a mind stimulant. It was used in the middle ages as medicine.  And a gift of rosemary was a symbol of love. It is also associated with death and a sprig of rosemary is often placed in the hands of the dead.