Tiger lily ( Lilium ‘red dwarf’ )

Tiger lily

Tiger lily is a catch all for several types of lilies. The nicest display of tiger lilies I’ve seen is when they are planted in and among hostas. You see this frequently in Asian gardens up north. I’ve hostas and lilies planted in this bed and am hoping they will fill it in shortly. The problem with this is hostas prefer shade, lilies prefer sun. This combination works well in a lightly shaded area.

Lilies grow best with lots of sun. Otherwise they seem to have no needs or care needed. I’ve found ones I’ve planted in heavily shaded areas will spread faster than the ones planted in sun. They grow little bulbils in the corner of the leaf where it meets the main stem. However they will be much smaller and more prone to mold problems.

I find Houston too extreme in temperature for these lilies. They die back to the ground in the winter, return in the spring, then the heat of summer permanently does them in.