Japanese Spindle ( Euonymous japonicus )

Japanese Spindle

Euonymus is a variegated evergreen shrub growing in southern climates. It can reach 15′ in height and 6′ in spread. The leave are thick and glossy.

It does well in heavy shade, dappled shade or at the edge of woodland areas, it will also grow in full sun. The more sun the plant gets, the more variegated the leaves will be.

It will grow in dry or moist areas but prefers dry areas.

Neither Houston’s hot summers, nor the recent cold winters have troubled this plant. It easily handles below freezing and above 100’F temperatures. It’s pretty close to indestructible. I highly recommend it.

It will tolerate any soil from clay to sand to rocks.

Flowers are tiny and not especially noticeable.

Scale and caterpillars will attack this plant, watch for both.

The roots are grown in Russia and Spain for the latex rubber found in the roots.

This plant has been slow to grow in the dry, shady area it is in, but has required absolutely no care for the last three years.  It is often used as an accent plant in gardens.

Watch for powdery mildew, scale, and caterpillars.

Powdery mildew only grows between 42’F and 70F so it should cure itself in the summer and winter.

Japanese spindle may get leaf scotch in dry windy seasons, water more frequently to prevent and shelter from wind if possible.

Also susceptible to crown gall ( large balls appear on stems near ground ) there is no treatment, just remove them and enjoy the plant while you can.