Cast Iron Plant ( Aspidistra elatior )

While researching this plant I saw pictures of it growing out doors down south in hot, humid climates, I also saw it sitting in a dusting of snow in mid Atlantic areas. This plant is about as easy to grow as they come. I have some outside, they seem to survive just about anything. They are very slow growing

This plant does not like sunlight. Put it in a dark corner, or several feet away from any windows.

Water only slightly more than you would a cactus plant. When the top 1/2″ to 1″ of soil is dry when you put your finger in the dirt it is time to water. If you see brown marks on the leaves you are over watering the plant.

It can grow to 2′ tall. Flower appear at the base of the plant year round.

There is also a variegated form of the cast iron plant. It’s foliage is often used in cut flower bouquets.

It was so popular in Victorian England it became an object of satire in novels.