Willow vine ( Salix viminalis )

Willow vine

This is really a shrub not a vine. It can reach 20′ tall, more commonly it is found at less than 10′.

Like all of the willows it prefers damp locations, and it can be invasive given the proper growing conditions.

It grows in dappled shade or along the edge of wooded areas.

Houston summers are fine, but not winters, this died once the temperatures went below freezing for a couple of hours.

It is used in flower arranging and basket making. If you receive some in a flower arrangement, just take it out and place it in water once the rest of the bouquet has faded. It will root and you can then plant it out in your yard.

Mine didn’t survive, it was a shady, dry area.

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  1. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a willow vine! I wish I had room for one now. Humm what can I move around…I’ve named you a Thinking Blog, by the way.

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