Star Jasmine aka Confederate jasmine ( Trachelospermum jasminoides )

This is not a true jasmine.

This climbing vine grows effortlessly (takes over and over runs everything in its path ) through-out zones 8-9-10. It blooms in the very early spring and the scent is wonderful. It will grow over fences, up trees, and any where you plant it. It will put out roots as it grows up things.

It tends to be a bit invasive and needs a heavy pruning once a year to keep it from getting out of control. Keep it away from structures, it will damage them.

It is evergreen and originated in China and Japan.

It prefers bright sun to part shade. This one is in dappled shade and heavy on the shade part. The trees let in light early in the spring, then leaf out giving this vine almost total shade till the oaks lose their leaves.

It has average watering needs, and it will withstand drought once established.

It is both cold and heat tolerant, Houston temperature extremes won’t harm it.

I find I frequently have to cut it back from trees growing near the fence or it gets totally out of control.

All members of Trachelospermum are scented ever green climbers in warm climates. Asiaticum bear yellow flowers and is hardier than jasminoides with white  flowers.

This makes a great vine to cover fences or other things you’d rather not see.

Happily surviving the summer of 100’F temperatures and no rain of 2011

More information:
Floridata, Trachelospermum jasminoides

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