Lucky bamboo ( dracaena )

I love this stuff. I just place it in a container, toss a couple of rocks at the bottom to keep the bamboo upright and keep the bottom couple of inches under water.

Indirect light is best. It doesn’t need to be near a window, and should not be in a south facing window.

Fertilizer rarely, every few months or so and use the fertilizer at half strength, if that.

If your leaves are turning yellow, either your plant is getting too much light or it doesn’t like your tap water. Try using bottled water occasionally.

Lucky bamboo is really not bamboo, but a member of the dracaena family.

If your lucky bamboo is not doing well in water, if the stalk is wrinkling and the leaves yellowing then take it out and plant it in regular house plant soil and a well draining pot. You can cover the soil with rocks to keep the oriental effect.

Another fix for wrinkled and yellowing lucky bamboo is to give it more light. I left one that was wrinkling and yellowing in the water but moved it next to a fluorescent table lamp and it is now thriving.

More information:
Plant’s rare bloom has scent of success for restaurant ( I didn’t even know they flowered. Now I’ll have to work on getting mine to flower. )