Pineapple Sage ( Lamiaceae Salvia elegans )

Pineapple sage gets its name from the pineapple smell given off from the leaves when they are crushed. The leaves are often used in fruit salads. It is part of the mint family.

Like most herbs it wants full sun, but it does prefer afternoon shade here in Houston’s heat.

Flowers are ruby red and about an inch and a half long. Hummingbirds love these flowers.

This sage gets to be about 3′-4′ tall. It will be a small shrub when grown so be sure to give it plenty of room.

The pineapple sage bloomed through Dec. then lost its leaves and spent the rest of the winter barren. In the summer it wilts.

Mine died. When it blooms it is gorgeous but it’s a finicky plant and there are better choices than this one.

Grey mold occasionally attacks salvias in cool, wet weather. Treat with a fungicide.

Pineapple sage recipes

Propagate by stem cuttings.