How much water is too much?

Every plant is different. They are each in different rooms, households, pots and soils. It is impossible to give firm rules.

Some plants are bog plants and want a pot sitting in water, some are desert plants and want only occasional watering. Most fall in between the two.

Symptoms of a watering problem – too much or too little include:
Leaves drop all at once
Leaves drop slowly beginning with oldest leaves
New leaves are smaller in size than older leaves
Leaf tips are brown
Leaves have brown spots
Plant wilts
Little to no new growth on the plant

Symptoms only found on over watered plants:
Leaves are too pale
Leaves yellow, veins first then rest of leaf
Leaf edges brown
Growth is spindly and weak
Growth is leggy
The crown rots
Black flies are around plant when you water it
Leaves become dull in appearance and may turn yellow
Roots are brown and soft and do not have white tips

So you are drowning your plant what to do?

First remove it from the pot. Rinse off all the soil clinging to the roots. Rinse out the pot. Cut off any roots that have rotted. Replant it back in the pot with new soil preferably in a smaller pot. That’ll get rid of the flies and any mold.

Now find out just how much watering that particular plant would like. Check it by putting a finger in the soil. Do not water by a schedule. Most plants will bounce back in a few months.

When in doubt ‘wait don’t water’ there is always tomorrow.