Wonderfully unusual spider like flowers make this a must have orchid. They are fairly easy to rebloom.

A bright light orchid, it doesn’t like direct sunlight. Try an east or west window or off to the side of a south window. It’ll rebloom easier if you place it outside in the shade for the summer. Make sure evening temperatures are over 55’F before you do this and bring it in when temperatures fall.

Orchids are potted in mulch or sphagnum moss rather than dirt. I have one planted in a large glass vase with pebbles at the bottom instead of moss or bark. It is doing fine.

Water Miltassias when the top of the moss gets dry.

You can plant this in bark but you must be very careful not to under water it. Check it daily if it is in bark. I find orchids in bark need to be watered 3 to 4 times as often as those in moss.

If the pseudo bulb ( the thick part at the bottom ) wrinkles or shrivels you are under watering your orchid. Or if leaves split vertically or form accordion type folds it needs to be watered more frequently. This often occurs when the heat is on in the winter. Or if you have it in a very sunny window.