Lady Slipper Orchids ( Paphiopedilum )

Lady slippers are terrestial orchids, plant this in a mix of bark and soil. Do not allow the plant to dry out, but water when the soil is dry on top.

Lady Slipper orchids have a symbiotic relationship with bacteria in the soil, be sure not to disturb or move wild ones. Most of them are endangered and they will not survive the move. These are from A&P Orchids in Swansea, Ma.

Lady Slipper orchids grow in shady wooded areas. Keep them in an east or west window and out of direct sunlight.

Almost all orchids require a temperature drop to encourage blooming.
A drafty window will work. I put mine outside in a very shady area during the summer. They can not tolerate direct sun.

I also put mine outside for the summer when evening temperatures remain over 55’F at night. Bring it in if there is a colder evening or when the evenings get colder for the year. Be sure to place it in a shady location.

Like most orchids it prefers drafty windows. It likes the change in temperature and the outside air is usually more humid than the air inside your home. I think that is one of the reasons the Victorians had so much success with them.