Epidendrum Orchids

Some of the epidendrum’s are epiphytic (air plants) and some terrestrial (grow in dirt). This one is a Encyclia type, you can tell this by the round bulbs. It should therefore should be mounted or grown in mulch or sphagnum moss. I find these do well in moss or soil, they tend to get too dry when planted in bark.

This one needs bright light and loves the west window where I have it sitting.

Temperature should be ~55-60F at night and ~70-85F in the day. A difference of about 15F is needed between day and night temperatures to induce blooming. Drafty windows help. I put mine outside for the summer once evening temperatures are consistently over 55’F and bring it in when temperatures start falling for the year. Put it in shade if you place it outdoors.

Humidity, like most orchids is preferred to be high 50% to 80%. This type of epidendrum should dry slightly between waterings.

They are known for staying small and the flowers are also very small. I find this orchid harder to rebloom than my other orchids.