Colmanara Orchids

Colmanara are a cross breed of Miltonia, Odontoglossum and Oncidium. Usually the flowers are some mix of red or yellow with white or brown markings. They bloom for about a month or two with 5 to 20 flowers.

They are happy in an east or west window, a bright north window or a shaded south window may be used as well.

Pot them in sphagnum moss you can find it in any nursery. This works very well if your home is dry or they are in a bright window. They do not want to dry out so check them frequently.

I’ve recently converted my orchids, including these to semi-hydro. I use clay pellets in a clear glass or plastic container. I fill the container about a third up with pellets, place the orchid in, keeping the roots as vertical as I can and fill in with clay pellets to the top of the plant. I water when the bottom is dry and put about and 1″ or 2″ of water in the container.

All of the orchids need a 15’F temperature difference between day and night to initiate blooming. These are warm growers preferring temperatures between 65’F and 80’F.  If you put them outside in the shade during the summer they should bloom for you early winter.  If not move them to a sunnier window. I find the temperature difference between day and night on a window sill in the winter initiates blooming.