Brassia Orchid

Brassia orchids prefer medium to bright light. They are happy in an east or west window but prefer a southern exposure. A Brassia puts out long stalks with a dozen or so one to two inch flowers. They are often called spider orchids because of the flowers wonderful spider like appearance.

Pot them in sphagnum moss, not dirt, which can be found at most nurseries. Better yet, put them in a shallow glass container with clay pebbles. Semi-hydro orchids do best.

Water when the moss is dry on top. They like a fair amount of water but do not want to sit in water. The bulbs at the bottom of the leaves will shrivel if they are not getting enough water. The older bulbs tend to shrivel with time, the newer ones should not. The stems will get deep groves in them if they have been under watered for too long.

All orchids, including these, need a 15’F temperature difference between day and night to initiate blooming. So find a nice drafty window for them. Or better put them outside in the shade when evening temperatures are consistently above 55’F.

I like these orchids best of all but rarely run across them in nurseries.