Angreacum Orchid

These are are epiphytic (air plants). The leaves are like a vanda’s leaves, the flowers each have two tails, ~4″ to 5″ long hanging down. I find Angreacums love humidity (50% to 80%). If yours is having trouble try putting him in the bathroom or kitchen.

This orchid loves sun and to be fairly damp so we have him in moss rather than bark. This one has been in bloom for 2 months now and is showing no sign of slowing down. At night, right after dusk he gives off a heavy, sweet scent (like lilacs or lilies) for about an hour or two. There is no scent the rest of the time. This orchid reblooms effortlessly.

Temperature should be ~55-60F at night and ~70-85F in the day. A difference of about 15F is needed between day and night temperatures to induce blooming.

Keep this orchid in a bright window, south or west facing is best.