Zebra plant ( Aphelandra squarrosa )

This plant is not for the faint of heart. I’ve murdered many and I’m not sure this one will survive me, but it has lasted longer than any of the others I’ve had.

Give Zebra plants lots of water and lots of humidity. Find this plant a spot in your kitchen or bathroom. It drops the older leaves when the air is too dry.

Zebra plants want bright sunlight. If you have to choose between sunshine and humidity though, go for the humidity when finding this plant a location in your home.

Pinching off new growth will force it to fill back out again. When it flowers a bright yellow flower comes up from the top much like a ginger.

Usually this plant will not more be more than a foot or two in height full grown.

I saw some of these growing in the wild not long ago. They grow in large clumps of bushy plants. I didn’t even recognize them at first they looked so full compared to how they look grown indoors.

These plants are easily sun damaged, you will see yellow or brown spots on the leaves between the veins. Move it further from the light if you see this.

If the tips of the leaves turn brown, that is salt damage. Either repot it or when you water be sure to let the water run out the bottom of the pot for a few minutes. Also watch for mealy bugs on this plant.

4 thoughts on “Zebra plant ( Aphelandra squarrosa )

  1. I always wanted to grow one of these plants but never have. If I had a bathroom with a window in it, I’d give it a try.These plants look interesting.

  2. They are a challenging plant. The flower they produce makes it worth the trouble. Especially if you like exotic looking plants.

  3. My sister gave me 2 zebra plants but they have tall, skinny stems with maybe around 6 leaves on each stem. It does not appear to be dying. It just doesn’t appear to be getting leaves not to mention flowers. Not full at all. I can see the entire stem. When i got them, they had bugs. I transplanted them into new soil but, still no change yet. Help!

  4. If it is not growing it most likely wants more light than it is getting.

    Do you have a brighter window you can put it in?

    Also sometimes after you transplant a plant it will be busy growing roots and you won’t see any new leaves for a while.

    How long has it been?

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