(Golden pothos)

This plant will live through just about anything. Any light level will suit it. The brighter the light the more white coloring the leaves will have. They forgive bad watering habits. They prefer to be dry about a half inch down in the soil before being watered. As with all vines when they get too stringy pinch off the end of the vine and it will branch out and get bushier. In the wild it grows as a ground cover, not a hanging plant.

You can easily root cuttings to make new plants. Just trim a few leaves off the bottom of the cutting. Place it in soil with the leaves above the soil and keep the soil on the moist side until you see new leaves. Then gently taper off to water normally.

( philodendron )

This is another impressive plant that grows in just about any conditions. In the wild it is a ground cover in shady areas beneath trees.

Any light level will work but the more light it gets the faster it will grow. Most people grow this as a hanging plant. Keep the vines trimmed or you will end up with a few long vines and the rest of the plant will do nothing. Cuttings are easily rooted in soil, just remove the bottom leaves and keep the soil slightly moist until you see new leaves.

Water this plant when the top half inch of soil feels dry to the touch.

All philodendron plants contain calcium oxalates which can cause skin irritations, burning sensations in the mouth and more serious stomach pain.