Time to prune the roses

Any time after the last frost is good and the sooner the better. Traditionally Valentine’s Day is considered the day to prune your roses.

{before pruning}

These are young roses. I planted them less than two years ago when we moved down here. They have done very well. I have not pruned them heavy. I wanted to give them a chance to settle in some first.

You need to cut off the dead branches first. Then starting at the bottom remove any branches growing in towards the center. Then the branches that are thin or weak. Then any branches crossing other branches. You should end up with a bowl shape to the plant.

{after pruning}

I also cut the tallest branches back by at least half each year.

If you prune your roses back to about a foot tall you will get fewer but larger roses. If you prune your roses back to about two feet, you’ll get more roses but they won’t be as large.

A good rule of thumb on how far back to cut your roses to cut as low as the first group of 5 leaves. Roses grow out in groups of leaflets. Find the lowest group of 5 and cut to about 6″ above that leaflet.

2 thoughts on “Time to prune the roses

  1. I live in a climate where the heat can get from 95 degree to 105degrees. My yellow tea roses bloom for one day as beautiful and bright as ever…BUT by the next day or sometimes even later that afternoon the bloom explodes. I know it will not stay the same for long …but ONE DAY!!… Do I need to give it more shade since the heat and humidity are too high? Why does it last only one day? Are they supposed to do that? Is there another type of YELLOW ROSE that i can plant that will bloom more longer?

  2. Mine don’t last long this time of year either. They will last much longer in the fall-winter-spring seasons.

    Roses love sun, if you put them in the shade you’ll have a much more difficult time with them.

    I dead head the roses every couple of days so they keep a constant run of new blooms coming in the summer.

    Some rose hybrids, like rosa rugosa, only bloom for one day no matter the temperature.

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