Curly aka Corkscrew Rush ( Juncus decipiens)

I’d never seen this plant before. I was wandering through HD looking for good loot in the garden section and there it was. I have it planted in the swale garden.

We are at the southern edge of where it will grow. It is rated for zones 4-8.

It is a bog plant, but will tolerate moist areas, which makes it perfect for Houston.

It wants sun to partial shade but it also listed as a good choice for shady areas on several gardening sites. This one is in light shade. It will grow to 12″ to 15″ tall.

This plant did not survive the summer in Houston. If the droughts don’t get it the heat does. I’ve tried them in several locations, sunny, shady, wet, damp and dry and it just can’t take the heat.

I’m told the best way to grow this in Houston is to put it in a pot, and put the pot about halfway down in a pond.  ( you want the water level about half way up the pot )